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The University of Hyogo Apartheid

Compare Apartheid in South Africa and Apartheid at the University of Hyogo
Compare Apartheid in South Africa and Apartheid at the University of Hyogo

Apartheid in South Africa:

Apartheid was the system of legalized racial segregation in South Africa from 1948 to 1994.   It divided the population up according to race.  In the photo above, from the Apartheid Museum, we can see separate entrances for whites and non-whites.



Apartheid at the University of Hyogo:

Japanese             Western Faculty

In the document exhibited we can see how the University of Hyogo practices its version of apartheid.  The Japanese teaching staff and the non-Japanese teaching staff are separated in the chart above.  It looks like a form of “separate but equal” except that the two sides are not equal.   Of the six full-time westerners working at the university, four of them are in the bottom right box labeled “foreign instructor” from which there is no promotion.  The other two westerners are associate professors, but they were not hired by the University of Hyogo.  They were hired by Kobe University of Commerce and Hyogo Nursing College, respectively, and were absorbed by the University of Hyogo when those two colleges became part of the University of Hyogo.  There are no westerners with the title of “foreign professor.”  The University of Hyogo has not hired any westerner above the level of “foreign lecturer” and has never promoted a westerner.  By contrast, almost all Japanese full-time teaching staff are at the level of associate professor or professor.  Please note: the document shown was created by university officials and was distributed at a faculty meeting by the dean of the School of Environment and Humanities, Toru Fukushima. 



The University of Hyogo Practices Apartheid Against its Western Faculty