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The William Balsamo Memorial Scholarship
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The William Balsamo Memorial Scholarship Fund


In 2006 Teachers Helping Teachers was given a gracious grant of 140,000 yen from JALT for our seminars in Bangladesh and Vietnam. The money was used exclusively for scholarships and divided equally between the two countries. In 2007 the Himeji JALT Chapter gave a donation of 40,000 yen to Vietnam so that they could give scholarships to deserving students. The money was given to the Student Council and awarded to a needy student.

With the passing of Bill Balsamo, it was decided to create a special memorial scholarship in his honor.  As in the past, this scholarship will be donated to each host institution where THT gives a training program.  As in the past, the money will go for the support of one or several deserving students.  To offer an idea of what that amount of money can accomplish in the life of a student, keep in mind that a donation of 40,000 yen would be sufficient to help a student to study for one academic year in a developing country. 

If anyone is interested in being a donor for the William Balsamo Memorial scholarship fund please contact the president of the William Balsamo Memorial Scholarship foundation, Pat Dougherty, at (or

The Bill Balsamo Scholarship in Manila, 2008
Pat Dougherty & the San Lorenzo School Principal

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