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THT Publications:  An outlet for your Research and Creativity 

THT provides an outlet for your research and your creativity.

Brent Jones, a participant in the Laos and Vietnam THT conferences, has donated his time and energy to creating a proceedings journal for THT events.  The 2006 edition, The Proceedings of Teachers Helping Teachers:  Seminar on Teaching Strategies for the ESL Classroom, featured ten THT authors and twenty of their papers.  The 2007 edition, The Proceedings of Teachers Helping Teachers: Learning Applications for a Developing Nation in the 21st Century, feature ten authors and twelve papers. The 2008 edition is presently open for submissions.

According to Brent, “Anyone presenting at a Teachers Helping Teachers conference is invited to submit a paper. There is no page limit, but we are looking for a balance between theoretical issues and practical applications. The papers should be written for a reading audience in the host countries. A reading committee and the editor review the papers. For more information please contact Brent A. Jones at with THT in the subject line.”

Another option for publication is this newsletter. Short articles of 200 - 300 words are desired as well as photographs and computer ready artwork. The topic or subject should reflect on the THT experience and be useful or inspiring to the Teachers Helping Teachers Community.  Articles, materials, pictures or enquires may be sent to Pat Dougherty at


In the beginning ...
The first set of THT Volunteers, Dhaka, March, 2005

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Teachers Helping Teachers is dedicated to the aid and assistance of fellow educators and students in the developing countries of the Asia Pacific region.