A Note from Dr. Pat Dougherty, THT Coordinator

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A Note from Dr. Pat Dougherty, THT Coordinator
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Teachers Helping Teachers:  Blazing a Path into the Future

By Teachers Helping Teachers Coordinator Pat Dougherty

On Saturday, June 28th, 2008, THT was approved as a Special Interest Group for the Japanese Association of Language Teachers. This will accomplish a few objectives that I promised Bill Balsamo we would attain on his behalf.  The first was to insure that THT had a structure that would allow it to continue its work well into the future, the second was to ensure that the program remained based in Japan, and the third was to grant it entry to a greater audience for volunteers and potential host institutions.

Our seminar schedule for 2009 is set.  We have confirmation from the Philippines, Lao-American College, Hue University, and the Bangladesh English Language Teachers Association.  These will all be encore performances for THT.  We also are working on the possibility of having programs in India, Nepal, and Mongolia.

Also, we have formally established a William Balsamo Memorial Scholarship Foundation to award financial scholarships to recipients in the host countries where THT has conferences.  This is an organization that is separate from THT, but organized so that the coordinator of THT will be the president of the scholarship foundation.  The seed money for this scholarship fund came from the "flea market" at the June 8th memorial meeting.  From that, we raised 199,715 yen.  We granted a scholarship to Hue University at THT/Hue 2008 and a scholarship at THT/Philippines 2008.  Each was for 40,000 yen.  That amount goes far in these countries, and it has the potential to impact lives for the positive. Our plan is to award scholarships at each THT event, finances allowing.  If anyone is interested in donating to the scholarship fund, please contact me at pdougherty@shse.u-hyogo.ac.jp and ct180@hotmail.com. I will give you the necessary information to make a donation and will send a receipt for records and tax purposes. 

We have a fundraiser for the scholarship program. Working with our hosts in the Philippines, we have ordered one hundred THT t-shirts from a supplier in Manila.  They will be available at the first annual THT National Meeting at JALT2008.   You can select any color that you want, as long as it’s black. The cost will be 1500 yen, but donations higher than that will not be refused.  We will also, mysteriously, never have change if you ask for it.  If you would like a shirt reserved for you, or if you will not be able to attend the meeting but want a shirt (or three), please contact me.  Bill Balsamo was a champion fundraiser and humanitarian, and we will maintain the tradition.

Teachers Helping Teachers is firmly stepping into the future.  We shall continue our commitment to give service and support to our fellow educators and students in Asia.  I believe that in doing this, each of us grows as a professional and as a person.


THT Coordinator Pat Dougherty
Going to a village celebration, Mindoro Oriental

Teachers Helping Teachers is dedicated to the aid and assistance of fellow educators and students in the developing countries of the Asia Pacific region.